Monday, June 21, 2010

In honor of Father's Day {a day late...}

Since my sweets has been a daddy for 10 years...I thought I would list 10 things I love about him....

1. He is a man of God!
2. He loves me fully and treats me like a queen..(should that be 2)
3. He has patience in all the areas that count the most.
4. He is a hard worker.
5. He honors his parents.
6. He is "Our best Daddy ever!"
7. He makes my heart beat a little faster when he walks into a room
8. He often surprises me in big ways by the little things
9. He keeps me on my toes
and last but certainly not least....
10. He has made me the best person I can be.
I love you Jase...Happy Father's Day!(a day late ;-))

The Mommy


M.O.T.B said...

Very sweet Linds!!!!!

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