Saturday, July 10, 2010

The County Fair

I'm always looking for things that our family can do together. This time around we loaded up and headed to the county fair. We had such a fun night. Complete with homeade root beer and a ride on a mechanical bull...for real!!! We may have to make this an every year tradition. Here are some of the highlights....

Bug-a-boo- rode the bull for a complete 8 seconds! (Hahahaha)

Up close and personal with a horse....

The kiddos got the biggest kick out of the littlest horse of all....

No fair is complete without.....bunnies???

My little dog-lover!

Why yes, I am indeed holding a rooster.

This one was The Bug's most very favorite of all...a horse named Dollar...

We had a little bit of rain, but all in all it was a fantastic night. I'm already looking forward to our next family adventure. Stay tuned!


The Mommy


Farmgirl Paints said...

Can't believe it's fair time already! Fun!!! Your blog background it too cute. I need to check out what other new stuff Meg has over there. Love it:)

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