Sunday, September 26, 2010


I love Autumn! I love the sights, the sounds, the smells....what's not to love, right?!?! I'm looking forward to our annual fall party, the pumpkin patch, trick or treating....
Cozy fireside nights, hot chocolate (Starbucks for me, of course!), snuggling with The daddy. Yep, Autumn is upon us and I am so excited! What do you love about fall?

Warm and Cozy Wishes,


Bonnie @ House of Grace said...

I LOVE fall too! I am going to start decorating next week. I am sooo excited!
Bonnie :)

elizabeth @ twelvecrafts said...

I was just mentioning how much I love fall today too! I love all the things you mentioned plus the smell of hot apple cider simmering on the stove. mmmm. . . yummy!

Natalie@Endless Crafting said...

I love everything thing about fall..but especially the changing colors of the leaves. I am anxiously waiting to pull out all of the Halloween stuff and start decorating.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today...I am a new follower too! Good luck with your wreath!


April Westerhold said...

I'm with you! I love the colors of fall. I love the smells of fall. I love firepits. I love football. I love warm blankets. I love shorts and sweatshirts.

Now, winter . . . that's another story.

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